Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Beauty is Only Skin Deep and Other Fabrications

"Personality is man as he appears, that is, his habits, his beliefs, his thoughts, his grammar, his clothes, etc. Impersonality is man as he is. Truth is impersonal and man is like truth; man is therefore impersonal." ~~ Lillian DeWaters
I have observed that many of the beliefs we have as humans are based on fabrications. Let's take the myth that "beauty is only skin deep", meaning instead of focusing on how someone looks on the outside, focus on what they are like inside.

I believe that belief stems from the belief that aging is natural, therefore, you should expect to lose your good looks when you reach a certain age. Since people's good looks are not going to last long, it's best to focus on their character. To extend your good looks, you quickly have kids and instill in them the same belief that it's not what people look like on the outside that's important, etc.

What if your physical beauty is an embodiment of who you really are, your Real Self? Who you are as eternal light knows nothing of aging, sickness or death. When you're expressing your Real Self, you grow more and more beautiful every day.

That just shows that "beauty is only skin deep" is a human fabrication based on human limitations.

Recently at the supermarket, there were people raising awareness for heart disease and high blood pressure. The people they were targeting were those between 40 and 74.  Out of curiosity, I went to get a leaflet. The man who handed me one told me he could see that I was too young to be tested. I told him I was over 40, which he was really surprised by.

Just for fun, I asked for a blood pressure test. Before he did it, he asked me to fill in a form. I asked him why. He said so they could pass my details to my doctor. I told him I didn't have a doctor and don't see why they can't do it anonymously. The nurse who had been listening to our conversation said that was all the more reason why I should have a test done as I don't have a doctor. Her logic didn't make any sense to me so I gave them back their leaflet and decided not to go through with their test.

The fact that I am in their age bracket and yet they didn't think I looked that age shows that their results are based on stuff they've made up. Since I don't live in their model of reality, their tests do not apply to me.

I can just imagine when I get to the age when you are supposed to get free travel (in the UK), I will be denied it based on my looks. I'll probably have to carry my birth certificate everywhere with me to prove how old I am.

Instead of following people's made up beliefs about beauty and health, I live by the Truth of who I am.

I am Light and Light is beauty on the outside and inside.


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